Language Labs For Schools

Many languages related issues are faced by the students and professionals in the country. To overcome such problems and gain proficiency in the languages, Mind Shaper Technologies have introduced Language Labs software.

The Lab is enriched with comprehensive and interactive digital content which helps in strengthening the four pillars of language: Listening, Speaking, Reading, and Writing.


  1. It is based on the Common European Framework Reference for language.
  2. It has 6 levels:
    1. Beginner’s (A1, A2)
    2. Intermediate (B1, B2)
    3. Advanced (C1, C2),
  3. ASL (assessment for speaking and listening)
  4. Each module has instructor led training (ILT) and computer based teaching (CBT) or practical sessions
  5. It also has sessions on syllables stress, word stress and intonations
  6. The entire teaching learning content is in a neutral accent
  7. Teachers assign tasks to different groups of students with a start and expiry date
  8. A comprehensive graphical report is generated giving details of the duration, score and attempts taken to complete practice sessions
  9. Teacher Training: 40 hours at each level is given
  10. Trainer manuals are provided for each level
  11. The software supports various Operating systems like Windows, Linux and Android

Listening Skills:
A. For Beginners: can be improved by listening to different real life scenarios and conversations, and then answering activities.
B. For Advanced Learners: Through ASL (Assessment of speaking and listening) module listening skill is improved.

Reading Skills:
A. For Beginners and Advanced Learners: Can be enhanced by reading the conversations or situational questions and answers. There is a vocabulary section given, to use the words in a sentence, for reading skills enhancement.

Speaking Skills
A. For Beginners: can be improved through free speech, role play, activities and fun filled interactions provided in the modules. Learners can record their voice and compare it with the expert's voice to improve their pronunciation.
B. For Advanced Learners: can be enhanced through the ASL.
C. Mother tongue influence can be corrected by regular practice.

Writing Skills
A. For Beginners and Advanced Learners: Has sessions on effective writing that cover the topics: how to create mind maps, revising, editing, proofreading etc.

* The Lab is available for English, Hindi and Sanskrit Language