Computational Thinking & Artificial Intelligence Labs

CTAI lab’s aim is to make students AI work force ready before they actually start programming in their higher grades. As CBSE has introduced AI as a subject in the curriculum, so it’s a need of time for the students to capture knowledge of basic concepts and tools used in the new world programming and adopt them practically later in their life.

To achieve this aim we help schools in establishing AI Lab in their campus and aligning it to their curriculum for the students of grade 4-9. This program makes students ready for 3C’s of the 21st century, Creativity, Collaboration and Computational Thinking.

Key Features of the program:

  1. Modeling real life problems
  2. Innovative Design thinking
  3. AI Readiness for the 21st century
  4. Critical and Computational Thinking
  5. Algorithmic thinking
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Visual Programming on the basic tools

The Activities within the lab includes:

  1. Hands on training using different tools (physical and soft tools)
  2. Audio visual lessons
  3. Real world problem solving projects
  4. Assessments within the class
  5. Workbooks to practice
  6. Various Projects on each section
  7. Worksheets for home work

The AI Lab program has:

  1. Computational Thinking – This session will make students logical thinker. It helps them to explore cause and effect and analyze how their action or the actions of others impact the given situation.
  2. Decomposition – Breaking down the complex problem into more manageable chunks. Its an important life skill, the students will learn ways to delegate in group projects and build time management skills.
  3. Pattern Recognition – Students will develop understanding of trends and are therefore able to make predictions.
  4. Abstraction – Children are able to identify the crucial information in a problem and disregard the irrelevant information.
  5. Algorithmic thinking –By solving various use cases and problems the students practice and understand algorithmic thinking in the AI Lab.
  6. Artificial Intelligence – In this 4th industrial world the new technologies are getting adopted very fast, new machines are developed using AI. It’s very critical for the student’s to understand and adopt new technologies at a young age and know how these machines are using AI.
  7. Visual Programming – This helps the students to create codes based on the algorithm designed. Here children will scratch as a visual programming language to get started and creating their own apps, games, animated stories and interactive arts.

The program will be conducted in school premises in the computer lab which would convert into AI Lab for the duration of the sessions.

Key Features of the program:

  1. Lessons along with software modules
  2. Worksheets/workbook
  3. Assessments
  4. Projects handouts
  5. Trainer